Ruby Charm Houses was founded in February 2015 by the two co-founders, Maria João Ribeiro and João Ribeiro.
 In November of the same year, the company acquires the “Ilha Cardoso” urbanization. An urbanization located near the city center, in a very bad shape but with lots of potential.
 This urbanization was once inhabited by 14 families that lived in community sharing the complex. With the test of time, “Ilha Crdoso” saw its population decrease as well as the quality of life of those still living there.
 With the aquisition of the urbanization, Ruby Charm Houses wants to try
and bring back the community spirit of those days, bringing in new people and keeping the 5 families who still live in the urbanization.
 The requalification works began in December of 2015 and on October of 2016 the first new exchange university students began to occupy the 8 houses available.